Pomperaug River

Located in Connecticut, the Pomperaug River Coalition has found great use in the tools that IMRivers provides. Information about the river and the land around it has increased since the use of IMRivers. “Because we can map anything of interest, IMRivers has really added a new facet to our watershed management– that of embracing the people in the watershed through greater information sharing. “IMRives

With the used of IMRivers, the watershed coalition is able to draw in a variety of people and age groups.

Some of the interesting things the mapping tool offers are:

  • Scenic areas
  • Historical Sites
  • Hiking Trails
  • Fishing areas
  • River restoration project sites
  • Impairments like Erosion
  • Geological Sites

Because of the map’s simplicity, volunteers can easily input data and increase the value of the map. For this particular group of people, the map is a renewable and expanding resource just as the Pomperaug River whose value and appreciation can increase only with the efforts of the people in the coalition.

Important Links:

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