Posted by: Wansoo | October 7, 2008

A Letter from the San Diego River Park Foundation

Here is an e-mail from Rob Hutsel, Executive Director of the San Diego River Park Foundation that we received last Friday. Rob’s Foundation recently joined IMRivers in order to map trash and encampments in the San Diego River Park.

Visit the San Diego River Park Foundation IMRivers site at

Here is an e-mail:

Dear IM Rivers,

Just wanted to give you an update on our efforts on the San Diego River.

We have found our IMRivers site to be incredibly popular and helpful.  A nice combination!

Tomorrow we start our semi-annual survey of the urban portion of the San Diego River.  Volunteer teams will be out documenting all the trash and debris that is found.  This data will then be uploaded into our IMRivers.  This will be used to organize volunteer projects to go out and collect the debris.  In the last two weeks, three clean ups have been held with over 250 volunteers participating!  Volunteers removed nearly 10,000 lbs of trash.  Teams used print outs of our IMRivers site to locate the trash.  It worked great!

We are training more and more people to use the site and to enter the data.  We hope to have the majority of the river clean of trash within two years.  Thank you IMRIVERS!

Rob Hutsel

Executive Director

The San Diego River Park Foundation


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